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I look back with great pleasure on my training Train your intuition. It was tense at first, but Danielle takes you into a world that also exists in a surprisingly down-to-earth way. And once you've seen, you can't unsee. In short: a super valuable training that showed me and experienced that there is more than meets the eye. I feel more connected and I am happy and grateful for that



Danielle ensures a safe atmosphere in her training sessions. Because of this, and because of her calm way of training, learning is easy and it becomes a party.



It feels like a leap of faith and maybe it is, but if you experience things on day one that you didn't think possible, then your curiosity is aroused. You are then immersed in a world that is simply wonderful. If this world opens up for you, Danielle, with all her experience, is the right person to guide you and teach you all about it. This allows you to implement and benefit from what you learn in many facets of your daily life. Keywords: impressive, startling, intense, magical and wonderful.



A hatch has opened that cannot be closed. What a special experience with Danielle as a great inspiration.

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