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Consultations and Coaching trajectories

Everyone is looking for a beautiful life, for happiness. Yet we all experience periods when life is challenging. How nice is it when someone listens to you, mirrors you and gives insight. I have already helped thousands of people by using my gift to guide people in transformation, finding your path and healing.

Maybe you recognize yourself in one of these statements:

  • I'm stuck in my work and don't know what I want

  • I am often tired but I don't know why

  • I know there's more in me but it wont come out

  • What am I really good at?

  • My relationship is not going so well

  • I am worried about (one of) my children

  • I suffer from negative thoughts

  • I don't really know what I want with my life

  • I'm faced with an important choice and I don't know for a while

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Your way of thinking and your choices are based on patterns. The problem is that you yourself believe them to be true. I am able to take you to a different view of your life, of your problems. I have the gift of seeing through people's masks. I see where you are in life and where you are heading. I can do this by cooperating with the spiritual world and reading your energy. In addition, I have the coaching tools to guide you further.


A separate consultation can be scheduled in the online agenda. The rate for a separate consultation is € 250.00.

Schrijven op het strand


In addition to a separate consultation, I offer the following coaching programs:



You know its time to change, maybe you've even tried everything, but you haven't succeeded yet. During this journey, I guide you through your negative thoughts and patterns to break. I'll show you what you need to actually make a change and take steps. We work together on the result you want to achieve.


path finder

You are looking for what suits you, your passion or mission. You have doubts about the choices you want to make. I help you find your purpose and mission.



Pain. We cannot escape it in life. In this process we also work body-oriented and energetically. Know that nothing is nicer than freeing yourself from blockages and trauma.


The route is tailor-made for you. The sessions are both live and online. In addition, I work with assignments, and visualizations and always work together with my gift and the spiritual world.


If you are interested in any of the above tracks, please contact me.

Cost per route: €1,297*

*For private persons only, the price includes VAT.

What a special experience! You have lifted another corner of the mysterious veil of life, which brings me further on my path...


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