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Online program train your intuition

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Intuition is your Superpower

​You are in possession of a power that gives you unlimited access to love, trust, and wisdom. Don't wait any longer and activate your Superpower with this online training. Start creating a life full of abundance, satisfaction, and connection today. I guarantee that this is possible if you learn to work with your intuition.

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This training is suitable for you if:

  • ​you want access to a source of immense wisdom and intelligence, so your intuition

  • you want to be able to distinguish between your intuition and your own thoughts

  • you are completely done with your doubts and your worries

  • want to download messages from your intuition and your guides

  • you want to make decisions from your heart

  • you want to feel and radiate more self-confidence and authenticity

  • you are ready to clear your blocks so that you can create the life you were born for

  • you get excited about what you read (because your intuition is already working with you here)

  • you know and feel that this training is for you (even if you find it very exciting)


Do you feel a yes?

Then start developing your Superpower now and receive

  • 12 months of unlimited access to the material

  • More than 40 lessons

  • Practical assignments

  • 28 videos

  • 6 x meditations / visualizations that you can download for daily use

  • 1 x per month online live group sessions in which you can ask questions (optional)

De training op locatie:

  • 12 months of unlimited access to the material

  • More than 40 lessons

  • Practical assignments

  • 28 videos

  • 6 x meditations / visualizations that you can download for daily use

  • 1 x per month online live group sessions in which you can ask questions (optional)

Online training Master de Tarot

Online training Master de Tarot

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Developing your intuition is a matter of training and, above all, of doing!

That is why the training consists of many practical exercises in which I guide you step by step. Yes, theory is also included, but it mainly supports the exercises.  

Yes, you can do it too and there is nothing floaty about it

Everyone has the gift of intuition, we just forgot how it works. In the training you will notice that it actually feels very natural to use your intuition and you already use it more often than you may realize.


And no, there is nothing scary about it

My students have only had beautiful and loving experiences during my training sessions. Learning new things is always a bit exciting but you don't have to do anything you don't feel good about. That is precisely what this training is all about. Follow your intuition.


The steps

In 6 concrete steps you will experience the magic of your intuition yourself.

The training Train your intuition is an online program that consists of the following 6 modules:

Module 1

Discover your Superpower, get to know your intuition

  • You learn exactly what intuition is and which forms of intuition there are;

  • You understand how intuition works for you right now and where you can grow a little more;

  • You get started with your personal plan aimed at making your superpower more powerful

Module 2

What's your vibe? Feel your own energy

  • Finally you learn: this is mine and this is the other. This keeps you closer to yourself and makes you less impressionable. You experience more balance and feel more powerful

  • You learn what energy does to you and how you can protect yourself against negative external influences;

  • You will learn to ground and ground so that you stand firmer in life

  • You will feel energy. Is that really possible? Yes really. I promise;

  • You get a visualization to learn how to ground and ground;

Module 3

Awaken your Superpower, connect with your higher self

  • You learn to connect and work with your higher self (soul), which actually means unlimited access to love, wisdom and trust

  • You will learn how to distinguish between your own thoughts and your intuition so that you can choose what you connect with 

  • You will learn how to live with confidence, abundance and satisfaction. And life becomes much more fun and in any case easier

  • You get a visualization to connect with your soul;

Module 4

Beat your system, blockages in your energy system

  • You will learn about how the energy system (the chakras) works 

  • You make a journey through your chakras to gain insight into your own development;

  • You gain insight into any blockages;

  • You will receive a visualization to balance and heal your chakras;

  • You get a visualization to raise your frequency so that receiving messages becomes second nature to you

What others say

Danielles online training has completely come home to me. Here I really learned to ground myself again and for the first time I was able to make deep contact with my inner wisdom and intuition. You feel a special energy when you hear her voice and see her videos.



“I registered for the online training because I thought I had lost my head-heart connection. I wanted to be able to make better decisions for myself. This training goes much further. The accompanying meditations are a success every time. I use them daily”


“The online training has a very nice structure of the teaching material. Danielle has enormous expertise and a wonderful way of telling stories. You really get something with this training because there is not often that much content and tools in an online course”


Danielles intuition training has helped me a lot to make a better connection between my head and my heart. To learn to trust my own intuition and to act from there. It has given me new insight about myself and how I look at the world. The meditations are fantastic and I use them almost daily. An absolute must to follow this training.


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Level and cost

This training is suitable for anyone who wants to develop or strengthen their intuition even more. The lessons are structured in such a way that it is fascinating for beginners and advanced students. This training offers the tools to remove blockages in your intuition. You learn to work even better with your gift and messages that you receive. You will find that your intuition really becomes your superpower.

You can follow the online training from just € 298, -

Prefer to pay per month? yes, that is also possible by taking out a subscription from € 29.00 per month.


If anywhere in your body you feel a bit of enthusias m and aYES then know that this is your intuition telling you “Do it.

Your Intuition is calling YOU (and so am I)

Niveau en kosten
  • Kan iedereen het leren, ook als je niet gevoelig bent of heel erg spiritueel?
    Ja, iedereen kan het leren, je hoeft dus niet gevoelig te zijn of heel erg spiritueel. Je hebt geen vooropleidingen nodig. Alleen een open houding.
  • Hoe lang krijg ik toegang tot de online training?
    Je krijgt 12 maanden onbeperkt toegang tot de lessen en het materiaal.
  • How will I be guided during the training?
    This training can be followed independently. But you can also choose to take the training with online live sessions. Every month Danielle gives a live session online for the students. You can also ask your questions here. If you can't attend live but you do have a question, you can ask it in the app. The question will then be addressed during the live session. Because these are recorded you can always watch them later.
  • Wanneer kan ik starten met de online training?
    Nadat je je hebt aangemeld en de betaling binnen is, krijg je direct toegang tot de training.
  • What makes your program unique?
    This program is my life's work. All my knowledge and years of experience come together in this. I have made the program in such a way that, regardless of your level, you are taken step by step in this spiritual journey through magical experiences. I make it super practical and simple for you. You can immediately apply and use your knowledge. During live sessions I help you answer your questions and give useful tips.
  • How long does the training take and how much time does it take?
    You get 12 months of access and this is more than enough to do the training several times if you would like. On average, students take 14 weeks to complete the course. There is no prescribed pace and you can never fall behind and you decide this all by yourself. During the live sessions you can ask me questions about each module and exercise, wherever you are in the training.
  • How much does the training cost?
    You can choose from two programs that are equal in content. Going through the program completely independently requires an investment of € 298.00. If you choose the program including online live sessions, the price is € 448.00. You can then, during the course of the course, participate once a month at a fixed time. So you get 12 one-hour online group sessions. No problem if you can't be there because you can send in your questions in advance. The sessions are recorded and can be viewed back.
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