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Half a year after the reading now. You talked about me coming into my power. And I didn't really know what you were talking about...Now I can say that then, with you, a transformation was set in motion. Apparently you gave me the confidence I needed, or maybe the hope. Whatever it was dear Daan, and I write this with tears in my eyes, I am eternally grateful to you.



In retrospect I have the idea that someone whispered to me on that day to make an appointment and to go to you. Although I didn't have a specific theme and my questions went in all directions, my visit has given me an incredible amount of hope, confidence, energy and direction. In myself, in the openness of the future, in the choices I have made or will make. But above all a heartwarming feeling that the greatest sadness in my life, the death of our child, has been given a place in my life, so that I can even embrace it. Finally. Letting the visible and invisible, the feeling and the mind, the great happiness and the intense sadness, the intuition and the science, house together in my body and mind. A liberation. A number of questions have been answered, so I can move on. The energy I've experienced since then, but above all the confidence I gained, have strengthened me. Thank you! I will never forget this experience. Good luck with your fantastic work!



I wake up and feel a tingling sensation through my body. Could this be the energy of life? I feel a flow, a rollercoaster I never want to get off. My future has never been so uncertain and open, but my confidence has never been so great!I am grateful for all your insights and your sincerity. You are really very special! 



Wow, what a beautiful experience to be with you. Warm, loving, clear, honest and not making it more beautiful than it is.




What a special experience! You have lifted another corner of the 'mysterious' veil of life, which brings me further on my path...Thanks!



I found it very special. Indeed, I experience exactly what you want to mean: you support by showing the way, providing insight and by placing issues in a different context. Things that you apparently know, but don't remember that you know, or at least have lost their value. A crystal clear picture is now emerging of what it is like and what it can be, how desires can come closer.Indeed not woolly and would almost say on the contrary, concretely positively confrontational from involvement and to benefit from it.Thanks again



You have a great gift. You have given me a bright spot in my sorrow. A relief from my pain. Because of you I realize that not everything can just be over. It was incredibly special, and still so familiar. You are an amazing human being, and everyone should know that.



Just a quick thank you for yesterday's great reading. You are really great and not only see everything razor sharp, but you also always give me concrete things that I can do something with - and that's what it's all about. Everything is back in order in my head and I woke up kilos lighter this morning. Suddenly I knew: I want that new start, my own company, and then I have to GO for it!Thanks for everything! And gladly see you next time.



I want to thank you so much for your wise lessons today and the insights I received from you!The last piece of the puzzle has now also come into place for me! I feel like I can move on and immediately convert ideas into actions, what an incredibly wonderful and nice feeling! And my compliments for the way in which you pass on those insights, so lovingly, openly and trustingly, what a gift of you! Super! I'm glad you came along my path in life and I hope I can use your talents often!

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