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Danielle Emmerik started her practice Insight-in in 2008. She has now helped thousands of people with insights that have changed their lives. Sometimes drastic and sometimes a nudge in the right direction. Almost immediately she sees the patterns and blockages in people that hinder their lives. She has also offered comfort by passing on messages from loved ones in the spirit world. The clients are unanimous in one thing: Danielle has a special gift…

She does her work with full dedication and sincere commitment. This combination ensures that her practice is visited more and more every year. People each with their own story and quest in life. This results in many special conversations and experiences that can rightly be called magical. Some of these stories are collected in this book.


A compilation of the special conversations that Danielle has had in her practice since 2008. Stories that reveal the magic of life a bit.

The magic of life, stories from practice.

VAT Included
  • It concerns an epub file. 

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