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Everything that lives consists of energy and needs energy to function properly

can function. Problems in the physical and mental field often manifest themselves in the aura, in the form of disturbances and blockages, before people are aware of it.

The healing is aimed at restoring balance in body and mind. The energy can flow optimally again and blockages will decrease or will be lifted. In addition, , during the treatment, attention is paid to providing insight into the underlying causes of symptoms, so that you can truly heal.  

Healing can offer a solution in, for example, the following areas of life:

  • Physical complaints; high breathing, neck, (low) back, shoulder complaints, pain complaints, fatigue, aftermath of surgery.  

  • Emotional complaints; gloom, sadness, fears, feeling of being stuck, grief processing, fear of failure.

  • Process-oriented complaints, high sensitivity (HSP), relationship problems, dealing with changes, processing a trauma from the past.

During the healing er, a form of the laying on of hands is used. This means that I hold my hands on or above your body .

If you want to know if a healing is also something for you or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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