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A spiritual journey of discovery...

Intuition is a tremendous power and if we listened to it, it would guide us effortlessly through life. By following our trainings you will experience a deeper connection with yourself, life and the universe.

Train your intuition
(in development)

Do you want to experience a deep connection with yourself and learn how to live more from the power of intuition? 

In this training I will introduce you to your energy field and that of others. I'm going to teach you step by step how to get into another state of consciousness and connect with your soul and guides. 


The training 'Train your intuition' is an online program consisting of 6 modules:

  1. Introductionintuition 

  2. Feeling energy  

  3. Getting in touch with your higher self/soul

  4. Itenergy system , the chakras

  5. The aura 

  6. Channel  

Each module consists of several steps.

In addition to theory, this is mainly a practical training  withvideos, assignments andexercises you do in your eggcan follow time and pace. Every 4 weeks there is a live session with Danielle to discuss your progress and ask questions. 


A notebook to keep track of your experiences and progress.

"Intuition is your Soul talking to you"

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