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Recharge your energy retreat

Life demands a lot from us these days. Work, family, your family, sports and friends, we want to do everything right, be there for everyone. You don't often have a moment for yourself. What if you could step out of this rat race for a while? If you could escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

What if you could completely relax and detach from all the responsibilities you take on on a daily basis?

During this RECHARGE YOUR ENERGYretreat we offer you the opportunity to connect more deeply with your core, to reconnect with yourself. 


Everyone needs some rest now and then to be able to oversee where you are at the moment. To take time for what your body and mind have to tell you. So that you can leave behind what no longer serves you in life. So that space is created to embrace the new.

In addition to good company, a beautiful location, delicious food and a healing program, we will also offer you tools to live from love and trust.


What can you expect from this retreat:  

  • 7 days in a luxurious villa in Portugal, near the beach and sea 

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner 

  • Program with meditation & energetic exercises to get into your strength

  • Lots of personal attention with two trainers and small groups (approximately 10)

  • Really time for yourself to recharge 

  • Experiencing where you are in your life right now and where you are going 
  • Relaxation, rest and freedom

  • In the afternoon time to read, walk or visit a village 

  • Yoga 

  • Magic Moments  

  • Go home equipped with positive energy & tools to stay in FLOW


Our dates:

Dates:      2022 not yet known

Location:  Burgau, Portugal


Not included:

  • Airline ticket

  • Transport to and from the airport (to be agreed with each other if necessary)

  • Insurances

  • Surfing, supping, hiking, or a wonderful massage

  • Reading by Willemijn or Danielle


Prijs gedeelde kamer:        € 1.495,00 pp *

Price for a single room:      € 1,995.00 pp *

Payment in installments is possible. 

*For companies, the price is exclusive of VAT


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